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Blown Fiberglass Insulation Naperville IL

Blown fiberglass insulation in Naperville IL has become a popular choice over the years. Blown fiberglass can provide better coverage and […]

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Cellulose Insulation in Naperville IL

Our company has very extensive experience with cellulose insulation in Naperville IL. Cellulose insulation is a very eco-friendly choice for your […]

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Spray Foam Insulation in Naperville IL

If you are considering spray foam insulation in Naperville IL or surrounding areas, contact your local spray foam specialists at LP […]

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Insulation Contractor in Naperville IL

Insulation Contractor Naperville IL
Insulation, Air Sealing, and Weatherization in Naperville IL

Your Local Insulation Contractor in Naperville IL

LP Insulation of Naperville is your local insulation contractor in Naperville, IL who provides the best solutions to your energy needs. Our expert installers and energy team know what it takes to solve your energy problems and lower your energy bills for years to come. We install only the best insulation and weatherization product lines in your home and offer many products, including: fiberglass insulation, blown cellulose insulation, blown fiberglass insulation, spray foam insulation, attic vents, air sealing and caulking for gaps and holes, and more. When you want industry leading experts to assess and improve the efficiency of your home against extreme weather fluctuations, contact us today at LP Insulation of Naperville and get started on your energy solution right away!

Insufficient insulation is one of the leading causes of energy loss in homes and businesses in Illinois and across the globe. Without the proper amount of insulation in your home, you can expect higher than average energy bills to heat and cool your home. You do not want to be paying for undesirable conditions in your home. This is the reason we specialize in insulating and weatherizing your home.

Our goal at LP Insulation of Naperville is to help your home or business become more energy efficient by keeping your energy where it belongs: inside your home. This leads to more comfortable living while lowering your cost to keep it that way. When you want someone to help make your home more efficient with a top quality product and expert installation, look no further than your local team at LP Insulation of Naperville.

Fiberglass Batting Insulation Naperville IL

Fiberglass Batt Insulation

Fiberglass batt insulation is a more traditional and cost effective way to insulate your home and cut energy costs. This insulation is made up of interwoven fibers with a paper backing to fill voids and provide a barrier to the extreme weather conditions on the outside of your home.

Blown Fiberglass Insulation Naperville IL

Blown Fiberglass Insulation

Blown fiberglass insulation provides a more versatile method to insulating your home as the fibers can be blown into hard to reach places. This method allows the installer to efficiently fill closed cavities and provide a blanket barrier that can be adjusted by the installer to achieve a desired R-value.


Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation is another form of blown insulation that provides a more environmentally friendly alternative to fiberglass and foam insulation. This type of insulation is made up of recycled paper and cardboard fragments. Cellulose insulation can be applied dry or wet depending on the desire outcome.

Spray Foam Insulation Naperville IL

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is becoming the go-to insulation type for home and businesses. The many benefits of spray foam include its high thermal value, air sealing capability, waterproof barrier, and it holds shape to keep from settling over time. We offer both open and closed cell spray foam insulation services.

Your Local Insulation Contractor in Naperville IL

Based in Naperville IL, our team at LP Insulation of Naperville set the bar high to give the best quality product for your home or business. We aim for the highest customer satisfaction. Our goal is not just to build a reputable business but to offer meaningful solutions for your energy needs. Our expert team contains a wealth of knowledge and experience. We will help assess your needs and formulate a plan to bring comfort and save money on your energy costs. Whether you need to seal air gaps or add insulation to your attic or walls, our team of experts are here to help keep your home or business comfortable year round.

Air Sealing Your Home or Business in Naperville IL

  • Sealing around electrical outlets and switches
  • Sealing around doors and windows
  • Adding insulation to attic door
  • Sealing around attic door opening
  • Caulking around floor boards and joints
  • Caulking gaps between studs and other boards
  • Filling gaps where air may infiltrate your home
Air Sealing Naperville IL

Insulation Contractor in Naperville IL

Insulation Naperville IL
Naperville, IL

Over the last 60 years, the city of Naperville, Illinois has grown rapidly. What was once a small town of 10,000 residents has grown to over 148,000 residents and continues to grow! A once small town has grown into a thriving city without losing the small town charm. There are many reasons why this community ranks as one of the top places to live in the country.

Naperville is home to many small businesses, retailers, factories, and high end technology firms that help drive the economy. The city also boasts one of the best public library systems in the country. This quaint suburb of Chicago has won over the hearts of many visitors and residents over the years. Whether you are taking a stroll on the surreal Naperville Riverwalk, enjoying the water at Centennial Beach, learning the rich history of the Naper Settlement or visiting the DuPage Children’s Museum, there is no shortage of fun things to do in Naperville.

Our Goal For Your Naperville Home

The charm of Naperville has won over many people. Maybe you have decided to hang around for a while. You will also want to keep your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the year without paying outrageous energy bills. As your local insulation contractor in Naperville IL, we greatly emphasize customer satisfaction. Our work ethic helps drive our business and helps contribute to this thriving city. The above and beyond attitude of our team is what makes the difference. Our simple goal is to properly insulate your home and keep it comfortable year round. This also helps to lower your energy costs so you can keep more of your hard earned money. You should be using your money for other things such as exploring more of what Naperville has to offer! For a free expert consultation and quote, contact us at LP Insulation of Naperville today!

Insulation Contractor Near Me

LP Insulation of Naperville proudly serves the following areas: Arlington Heights IL, Aurora IL, Bolingbrook IL, Chicago IL, Elgin IL, Evanston IL, Frankfort IL, Geneva IL, Joliet IL, Naperville IL, New Lenox IL, Orland Park IL, Oswego IL, Plainfield IL, Plano IL, Rockford IL, Schaumburg IL, Wheaton IL, Yorkville IL, and more!