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Cellulose Insulation in Naperville IL


Our company has very extensive experience with cellulose insulation in Naperville IL. Cellulose insulation is a very eco-friendly choice for your home or business. This type of insulation is made from plant fibers and/or recycled newspapers making it a perfect green solution to your home efficiency.

There are a few ways this type of insulation can be installed based on the situation. Dense pack insulation can be applied to enclosed wall cavities or applied through exterior drilled holes under the siding. BIBS (Blown-In Blanket System) requires fabric netting to be stapled to the face of the wall studs to allow for dense pack application inside the wall cavities. BIBS is an option for new homes or home remodels where the sheetrock is removed and studs are exposed.

Another installation method is wet spray cellulose. The addition of moisture to the cellulose insulation during application forms a type of glue that holds the insulation together inside the wall cavity. This method can be used for open cavity applications. For wet applications, you will want to hire a professional installer who has experience with this method and knows the correct amount of moisture to add to the insulation. Too much can attribute to mold growth, and too little can prevent the glue from forming properly. This is why it is important to go with a reputable insulation contractor in your area.

When installing cellulose insulation in your attic or dense pack insulation in your walls, you will want to go with a seasoned professional with a proven track record of success. Our team of professionals have the needed experience with cellulose insulation to make sure your home is insulated properly. If you prefer a more green solution to your energy problems with cellulose insulation in Naperville IL, go with an experienced installer and contact LP Insulation of Naperville today!

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